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Cold mixed appetiser

Cold mixed appetiser

Freshness, quality and simplicity. The only seasoning you will need is extra-virgin olive oil. Why not try our sautéed mussels or clams too? This is one dish where mopping up every last drop is a must.

    Linguine at the L’Approdo

    Linguine at the L’Approdo

    A creation rich in taste and substance. This is a recipe that I used to make at home, then our chef got his hands on it and transformed it with his finesse. Three cooking methods in a single dish: the mussels and clams are sautéed fresh, the prawns are cooked alla busara - in a tomato sauce - and the rest is cooked with a different tomato sauce. These three cooking methods are then mixed together to become a single dish.

      Boreto a la Graisana

      Boreto a la Graisana

      The characteristic symbol of Grado traditional cuisine and the king of our main courses. A very controversial dish, which always leads to heated debate amongst island dwellers, each ready to defend their own version. Contrary to popular belief, ‘Boreto’ isn’t a soup or even a dish, but a way to cook fish and anything else which moves around in the lagoon. Come and taste our excellent ‘Boreto a la Graisana’ which , depending on what’s available on the day, we make it with bream, bass, turbot, grey mullet and dogfish, amongst others..

        Grilled fish

        Grilled fish

        You won't find everything at the L’Approdo, only what we have selected that day from the market at Grado Port. The fish we have available depends on what the fishermen have caught that day and on the weather. When we are out of something, we check it off our fresh dish board. The next day you may find it back on our list of fresh options, or there may be something else. We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, however we are sure that people who love seafood will understand and appreciate it.

          Want to know what we’ve got today? Call us on +39 328 213 0351

          Our menu is made up of simple dishes, created with skill and using only genuine ingredients, in pursuit of flavour through simplicity.

          Food intolerances?

          We also take special care of those with food intolerances (e.g. celiacs). Please inform us and our cook will suggest suitable dishes for you.

          At L’Approdo, you won’t find everything, but only what we chose each day at the Grado port market.
          The availability of the fish is linked to what the fishermen bring in each day and the weather conditions.

          Options for large groups

          Aprile 2022

          Given the price increases of the period, we are creating new proposals for the large group and we will propose them shortly.

          For information call +39 328 2130 351

          Are you looking for a restaurant that welcomes large groups?We can accommodate groups of up to 70 people for business lunches, formal occasions and weddings.


          Traditional fresh fish-based cuisine on our lake-dwelling restaurant overlooking the Grado Lagoon

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